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May 31 2013


May 31 2013

Metallica – “One” – Video – Lyrics

One I can’t remember anything Can’t tell if this is true or dream Deep down inside I feel to scream This terrible silence stops me Now that the war is through with me I’m waking up, I cannot see That there is not much left of me Nothing is real but pain now Hold my …

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May 31 2013

New Caecilian Amphibian Discovered in India

The caecilian amphibians look like earthworms, or small snakes. Unlike worms, they also have strong backbones. Over the last five years of digging through forest beds, researchers identified five species belonging to the family in 250 locations throughout region.

May 30 2013

Russian Man Shoots Machine Gun While Dropping His Kids Off For First Day Of School! – Video

May 29 2013

True Facts About The Aye Aye

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